All our beers are made from the finest North American and European Malts and Hops. Each batch yields approximately 50-55 litres, takes approximately 1 - 2 hours to make, and is ready to drink in 3 weeks. We add no preservatives and recommend it be stored at temperatures between 8 - 12 degrees Celsius. 

ALIGATOR LAGER - A smooth amber lager with a medium body and no bitter after taste. But beware...this gator bites at 6%.

AUTHENTIC DRAFT LAGER - (LABATT’S GENUINE DRAFT) A Canadian style lager. this light flavoured beer lies predominantly on the malty side. With virtually no bitterness, this brew is ideal for maximum consumption.

BARLEY WINE - A powerful "barley wine" that yields upto 9% alcohol. Combining flavours of Munich, Crystal, Pale, and Roasted malts, this brew is heavy in body and mighty in punch. Balanced with a combination of British and European hops, this ale is not for the faint-hearted. (allow 6-8 weeks)

BEACHES BOCK BEER - A heavy bodied, intensely flavoured German bockbier. Dark and rich, with complexity and head retention enhanced by malted wheat. The bitterness of noble hops startlingly balances with its maltiness. An easy substitute (for wine) with dinner.

BECKER'S BREW - (BECK’S) An impressive imitation of the famous German pilsner. Blond in colour, medium in body and richness, with the predominant taste of German noble hops.

BITCHIN BROWN ALE - An original prize winning recipe which has been slowly perfected over the years. Boasting a wide assortment of character malts, this fine ale is full bodied, with a deep brown hue, and traces of red & amber. Hopped exclusively with spicy German varieties, this brew is sure to please.

BLACK CAT LAGER - (CARLING BLACK LABEL) A canadian style lager, light bodied, and crisply hopped. A perfect and popular blend, more hoppy than malty, without a potent bitterness.

BLUE BYOU - (LABATT’S BLUE) A light golden colour, medium body, with a low degree of hops. Flavour relies on Pale malt, accentuated with a hint of sweetness, and a crisp clean finish.

BUDDIES BREW - (BUDWEISER) An American style lager, light bodied, and liberally hopped for a fresh, crisp taste. Make no mistake, far superior to "Bud".

CANADA'S FAVORITE LAGER - (MOLSON CANADIAN) Joe Canadian would be proud! This light blond, light bodied lager, is complemented by a liberal dosage of hops. Crisp, clean, refreshing and not bitter.

CANADIAN CREAM ALE - (SLEEMAN’S CREAM ALE) An East Coast favorite. This ale is smooth, medium bodied, pale coloured and accompanied by an excellent array of North American and German aroma hops. The taste is rich and creamy, balanced more on the malty side. Similar to Ontario micro-brewed cream ales.

CANADIAN PILSNER - An excellent version of a Canuck pilsner. Light bodied and very pale in colour, while boasting a rich combination of spicy pilsner hops. Crisp , clean and totally refreshing.

CANADIAN SPECIALTY #9 - (CANTEBURY) An imitation of the original BC dark-mild, this recipe is a malt-lovers heaven. Dark and rich with a slight hint of sweetness, finishing with a barely discernible taste of British aroma hops.

CERVEZA - (CORONA) If you're a fan of Mexican style lagers you'll love our take on the recipe. Light body, light colour and no bitter aftertaste, you'll be saying "Dos cerveza por favor"

CERVEZA PLUS - A light bodied, light colored brew for those fans of Mexican styled lagers. This beer has more flavor than it's original cousin, and offers a crisp clean finish with just a hint of bitterness.

DESERT STORM - (MOLSON DRY) Styled after the classic canadian lager, this medium bodied, pale coloured, high test (6%) brew offers next to no bitterness. Best served ice-cold!

DEUTSCHES BOCKBIER - This true Bavarian bockbier is hefty, rich, and black. Potent bittering hops are easily discernible through the maltiness of this recipe, giving it a maximum-flavoured balance. A liberal infusion of malted wheat produces wonderful head retention, as well as a smooth finish.

DEUTSCHLAND PILS - (URQUEL PILS) This is the real thing...a hardcore German Pils for the lover of European beer. Definitely notfor those afraid of flavour. The flavours of Munich, Crystal, Wheat, and Pale malts combine to provide a rich, medium body. Liberally hopped in the Bavarian tradition, this is a prize winner.

DIRTY BASTARD IPA - A North American variant of the classic British style, this fine ale is light bodied, and pale in colour. What makes this beer great is the ample combination of English bittering and aroma hops, easily discernible through such a light body. Great for any occasion.

EASY LAGER - (LABATT’S 50) A prime example of a traditional Canadian lager. Very light in colour and body, this classic starts off crisp and clean, finishing on the hoppy side. The ideal summer thirst quencher.

ENGLISH ALE - This murky English "session bitter" is for the true malt lovers. With a heavy combination of Crystal, Pale and dark malts, this traditional dark ale is enhanced by clean British bittering hops.

ENGLISH HONEY PALE ALE - ((INCL HONEY)) Made with 3 kilos of honey, this is the perfect beer for any occasion. Made with a subtle spicy hop, and for the honey lovers, a beautiful hint of sweetness that lingers in your mouth. Endorsed by Winnie-the-Pooh, you can't go wrong.

EUROPEAN LAGER - True to it's name, this full bodied, light amber lager combines generous doses of malted Wheat and Crystal barley, punctuated by the unique bitterness of Saaz hops. Excellent!

EVIL DARK LAGER - (HERMANN’S) This beer is a favorite of the dark lager lover. Similar to it's "Herman's" cousin, this beer is for those occasions where you want a lighter dark beer. It has an array of bittering hops, but is less malty for a lighter feeling. Try one on for size.

EXPORT PALE ALE - Light in body and colour, and made with a special combination of British and Czech hops, this ale is sure to please.

EXPORT PILSNER - A North American style pilsner which boasts a light body and pale colour, is enhanced with ample amount of noble bittering hops, producing a beer which is much too easy to partake in. Balanced more on the hoppy side, for those who want a little more snap on the palet.

EXTRA SPECIAL BITTER (ESB) - A standout English style bitter with a dark rich flavour, complimented with a healthy amount of bittering hops. With a smooth lasting finish, this ale is best served cool on a hot summer evening.

EZ IPA - Exactly as the name implies, a quick version of the British classic. Amply hopped with aromatics, this light to medium bodied beer is a great choice!

FRENCH ALPS PALE ALE - Our most popular pale ale! A medium bodied elixir that has a great mouth feel, and a beautiful finish without the bitterness of an English IPA. Smooth and mild with just a hint of hops. The official beer of the Byou.

GINNEY LAGER - (GUINNESS) Great for the dark beer lover. This beer is smooth and creamy with a little bite from the English bittering hops. Not just for a special occasion.

GREAT WHITE NORTH LAGER - Get your touque and mitts on and drink up eh! This excellent brew combines light colour, medium body and subtle hops in a truly Canadian way! Full strength for full effect.

GREEN LABEL DUTCH LAGER - (HEINEKEN) Styled in the tradition of the famous Dutch import. Light bodied, pale in colour and spiced with Saaz hops for that crisp, clean finish. An excellent brew and a "real beer".

GREENMAN PILSNER - (HOPHEAD) A true Czech style pilsner prepared to the highest standards. Medium bodied, golden in colour, sharply carbonated and saturated with late adding Saaz hops, this is the beer for those who like it hoppy!

HONEY BROWN ALE - (SLEEMAN’S HONEY BROWN) Combining the sweet-smooth flavours of fermented honey and dark chocoalte malts, this true brown ale will keep you coming back for more. (watch out for bears!)

I.P.A. - The classic that fuelled the British Empire...a pale colour medium bodied ale whose smooth body is outmatched by its aromatic hoppiness. Highly recommended.

IRISH BITTER - (SMITHWICK’S) A proud representative of Northern Ireland. Exploding with roasted chocolate flavours and rich maltiness, this ale is accentuated with the distinct aroma of Fuggles hops, making it a perfect choice for dark ale fans everywhere.

IRISH STOUT - (GUINNESS) Styled after the famous pub classic, this heavy dark ale offers rich, stout body, punctuated by potent bittering hops. If you enjoy Guiness, you will love the authentic, fresh taste of our Irish stout.

KILTLIFTER SCOTCH ALE - (MCEWANS (Scotch extra)) Rich and malty, heavy in spirit and complimented by select United Kingdom aroma hops. A true specialty ale to dwarf McEwans. Add an optional bottle of Single Malt scotch for that added smokiness!

LINEMAN'S LAGER - (JOHN LABATT’S CLASSIC) Combining a medium bodied smoothness with a mild hoppiness, this Canadian lager is the perfect summer patio beer.

LITE LAGER - (COORS LIGHT) An enjoyable lager which is quick to make and easy to drink at only 4%.

MAERZENBRAU - This flavourful German lager combines a blend of cracked grains and extracts to produce a rich nut-brown hue. Delicious!

MOOSEHED - True to the New Brunswick classic, this tasty brew is light in body and colour, complemented by a refreshing hoppiness. A true thirst quencher.

NOVA SCOTIA IPA - (ALEXANDER KEITH’S) Our imitation of this Halifax staple is medium bodied, thanks to ample amounts of Canadian 2-row Pale malt. The refreshing hoppiness is not too bitter, and will have you saying "Hello to Nova Scotia".

NUT BROWN ALE - ((INCL MOLASSES)) a Brew Byou original! Dark amber in colour, light in body with a full flavoured finish. This ale is sure to please!

OKTOBERFEST ALE - (LOWENBRAU) This festive classic is brewed true to the German tradtion, combing malted wheat and barley to provide a full body, light coloured brew. the rich maltiness is contrasted by liberal bittering and aromatic hops.

OLDE ENGLISH PORTER - This classic British dark ale boasts a a heavy body based of malted Wheat, Crystal, Chocolate, Roasted and Pale malts. massive infusions of bittering hops are highly discernible through the smoothness of this ale.

PACIFIC PALE ALE (DARK) - (PIPER’S PALE) Fashioned after the long-time local favourite "Pipers", this ale is amber in hue, rich in malts, and enhanced with flavourful, aromatic hops...this is a Brew Byou classic!

PACIFIC PALE ALE (LIGHT) - (VICTORIA BLONDE ALE) West Coast style pale ale, similar to a favorite local blond ale. With medium body and pale colour, this ale boasts clean aromatic hops which leave no bitter aftertaste. Truly, a Victoria treat.

RAINFOREST AMBER - A beautiful amber ale. Medium bodied with a perfect balance of British & German Noble hops. Malty with hints of caramel and toffee, and a crisp, slightly bitter finish. 6%

RALPH'S PRECIOUS PILSNER - A pilsner in the Canadian tradition. Rich in flavour, void of bitterness. this medium bodied beer is enhanced with brown sugar for a truly tasty, yet clean finish.

REAL BITTER - This is a "REAL" English bitter. This beer is a real winner. beautifully malted, and complemented with a good amount of English bittering hops. A perfect pint Mate!

RICHMAN'S REDD - (RICKARD’S RED) Styled after the Washington amber classic. This smooth ale is more malty than hoppy. It's a perfect match for those malt beer lovers out there.

ROYAL CITY CREAM ALE - (SHAFTSBURY CREAM) Styled after it's Shaftsbury cousin, this rich flavoured cream ale is brewed as a traditional dark-mild. Possessing a fine copper hue, it remains medium bodied, with a touch of sweetness.

SAN FRANSISCO LAGER - A Brew Byou special. This amber coloured lager has good body with flavours only achieved with generous amounts of Galena hops. Smooth from start to finish with no bitter aftertaste. this beer will soon become your favourite.

SHAMROCK CREAM ALE - (KILKENNY) This smooth and creamy ale is a close cousin to the famous cream ale from Kilkinney. Rich in smooth and creamy malt, with a subtle hop characteristic. "Four Leaf Clover not included!

SOLARA DRY - (SOL) A Mexican favourite, this classic is sure to served with hot sunshine and lime!

STARGATE - (KOKANNEE) Our version of the Creston BC classic. Medium bodied, lightly hopped, and pale in colour. Tastes like summer.

STELLER BELGIQUE - (STELLA ARTOIS) Styled after it's Belgian counterpart "Artois", this light coloured aromatic ale boasts a bold hoppy flavour, and a smooth clean finish. This beer is excellent on the patio or by the pool.

TRADITIONAL GERMAN LAGER - (WARFSTEINER) Like it's famous German import, blond coloured, light bodied, crisp, clean and finely hopped in the old-world fashion.

TUGBOAT LAGER - (COORS) An American style light lager. With a combination of light body, colour, and hoppiness, this recipe is the perfect choice for quenching a hot summer thirst.

TURBO LAGER - (TUBORG) Our salute to the staple beverage of Denmark. This grain-heavy recipe produces a pale colour, medium bodied beer, that is completed with classic Northern European bittering hops.

TYNESIDE BROWN ALE - (NEWCASTLE BROWN ALE) Our version of the "Newcastle-upon-Tyne" classic. This beautiful nut-brown ale combines the rich flavours of Crystal, Roast,, Pale, and Dark malts, enhanced by brown sugar. Hopped exclusively with Fuggles, this is surely our finest brown ale.

VICTORIAN BLONDE ALE - (VICTORIA BLONDE ALE) Our take on the Victoria local favourite. our version of this blond ale is sure to please. Light golden colour, a rich maltiness, and not overly hoppy, makes this beer ideal for any occasion.

WIESSENBIER - A traditional German wheat beer. Medium bodied, pale in colour, smooth and mild in flavour. Utilizing generous amounts of malted Wheat and Hallartau hops, this brew is very highly recommended.

WINTER WARMER - This dark ale is black beyond any comparison! Infused with 4kg of Roasted dark malts, this brew is impenetrable by light. Heavy bodied and slightly sweet, it finishes with a distinctly dry roasted character. A nice alternative to the heavier Barley Wine. Feel free to spice it up with a sprinkle of cinnamon, Orange Peel, or Nutmeg for a great Holiday treat.

WOLFE ISLAND RED - (RICKARD’S RED) Like that Race Rocks classic, this amber brew looks great, tastes even better.

WOODEN SHOE PILSNER - (GROLSCH) A Dutch style pilsner in the fashion of Grolsch, combining heavy body with pale colour, and the unique flavour of Halartau hops.

XYZ - (MOLSON’S EXPORT) Styled after 'Molson Ex", this medium bodied, liberally hopped lager will go far to please both fans of light North American lagers and full flavoured beers alike.